Terraria Santa Hat Perler

terraria-christmas-perler terraria-christmas-perler2My 8 year old son loves Terraria above all other videogames. He will play it in his room for hours on end. He knows all the best online videos to watch, knows every recipe for items, and how to beat all of the bosses. If I have time these next few weeks, I might make a couple variations on this guy.

I like how both the bead and the flat side came out on this Perler creation. The dark browns and blacks always have issues with the flat fuse, but the smaller the piece, the fewer the issues. I will likely be making this into a fridge magnet.

4 thoughts on “Terraria Santa Hat Perler

  1. Seb

    I dont understand how you get away with no curling what so ever …. Even with 50 pounds and waiting overnight with the weight on the minute it will fight againta gravity the top and middle will lift……

    Do you gently iron the other side or not at all?? Cause the hogan you did by now should be doing a
    Legdrop on his own hehe let me know please

    1. Danthol Post author

      I get a little of the curl, but I can generally just bend it back into shape. Once they are all cooled down, no more curling. What do you put on top of them? I like to use heavy books, as they seem to absorb the heat and cool them more evenly.

  2. Seb

    I use books and dumbells on top of them …. And its when they are cool down especially tall guys like simon belmont he will curl if i dont do a quick pass on the other side but that ruins one side 100% sure but the main flat part will be flat as a coaster do you have pics of that hogan you did as it stand now??


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