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Sonic the Hedgehog Perler ornament

sonic-ball-ornament sonic-ball-ornament2This is an experiment with another Christmas Perler ornament. Sonic is in mid crouch, about to turn into a ball, and I figured it would be a good frame of animation for a beadsprite.

I haven’t decided if it worked well or not, but that’s how experimenting with new things works. What do you think?

Sonic and Tails

sonic-tails sonic-tails2I know like, most everyone is making Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails Perlers, but I didn’t make these for me, I made them for a for a friend. =) My daughter wasn’t too keen on me giving them away, but she’s coping.

The Sonic was made from a Sprite I found on a website. The colors on it, particularly around the mouth seem weird up close, but if you hold it further away, it looks right. I really like the way his shoes have the effect of a shadow on them. The colors in Tails’ tail are interesting, the way it appears to be blurred in motion.

Finished Sonic




So here is the finished product…

I way over ironed it. I think I might have a lock on the best temperature with the iron the next time.

I like side one the best. It’s more melty, but the holes are all fused. I forgot to put something heavy on it when I was done, and it curled a little, but I heated it back up and put a stack of Xbox 360 games on top of it.

I made a ton of mistakes, but overall, I think it is quite good for a first attempt.

I love that this hobby gave me an instant result, I think that it will be a really rewarding thing to do.


Sonic Pre-ironing.



I wanted my first project to be something complex, but not super complex. I knew it was going to be something that wasn’t my best, but I wanted it to be special.

Sonic the Hedgehog is my daughters favorite fictional character. She plays all the video games, sings the songs from the shows and games, and loves her sonic shirts and action figures, and this was for her. My next piece will be for my son.

Anyway, here is Sonic before I ironed him out. The image I used as inspiration didn’t have the green eyes, so that was my artists rendition of it. It isn’t terribly original, but it is a variant. I like it!