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Getting a little behind in my fusing.

work-in-progressLast few days have been super busy. I have had time to put stuff together, tape it up, poke them holes, but not enough time to iron them out. I’m gonna be getting these done later tonight, and maybe even make some of my first few webcomics!

I have a new domain that I will talk about in a few posts, and am working on a whole new project with all of the characters, and most of the set pieces will be made with perler beads. I’m really looking forward to make this idea I have had in the last month into a reality. I don’t know how well the mixed media format of a webcomic, mixed with photography, mixed with a craft art, mixed with videogame culture, mixed with my sense of humor will work, but I intend to put my best foot forward.

Also, I have a time lapse video going on youtube later this week, a new tutorial in the works, and a few other surprises! Stay tuned!

Mushroom Retainer Perler

toad toad2This beadsprite is the little dude that shows up inside the castles in the NES/Arcade game Super Mario Brothers to tell you that, “Our princess is in another castle”.

Fun fact: Most people will identify this character as “toad”, but in fact, the original NES game manual refers to them as “Mushroom Retainers”. I like to imagine that they are flipping you off with both hands; in fact, whenever I see a sprite that is holding up a hand, I always assume they are. Below is one of my favorites of the perlers I have made where it looks like a rude gesture.whitemage

Organization and Pyssla beads

organizer ikea-beads super_pegboardI’ve been doing a little shopping lately, and bought more stuff to support my addiction!

First stop was IKEA where I bought some of their brand of fuse beads called “Pyssla“, and a new rolling organizer that I can shove everything into so we can have our kitchen table back. I’m not a big fan of these of these beads. Pictured is a Ms Pac-man and ghost. They will be good for having the kids use as to not cut into the superior Perler beads. =)

Lastly are the Super Pegboards purchased from the local Michael’s with 40% coupons. I at first thought that these would still link to the smaller boards, but they are standalone boards. They will be big enough for just about everything, and they will be easier to move in the middle of a build.


Super Simpsons: Lisa

super-lisa2 super-lisaI always thought it funny that Lisa Simpson’s attacks with a jump rope did the same amount of damage as Marge swinging around a vacuum cleaner, Bart hitting wailing away with his skateboard, or Homer kicking and punching. For the record, I do know this is just a video game =)

I’m not entirely happy with my iron right now. The new one that I’ve purchased seems to be turning itself off before I am finished, so I have been using my first thrift store iron again. I’m shopping for a new one, but I hate the fact that I am going to be on my 3rd iron already; I feel like this should be a non-issue.

New tutorials now on YouTube!

I’ve finished my first set of tutorials using my masking tape method for beadsprites, and posted the HD videos on YouTube! You can see the videos in the links below. Enjoy and post in the comments here, and on YouTube.

  • Part 1 : Prep and taping

  • Part 2 : Poking, repair, and final inspection

  • Part 3 : Ironing

  • Part 4 : Cleanup and completion

Final Fantasy Nightmare


nightmareMy daughter was super excited that I made a unicorn. I explained that it was a Nightmare from Final Fantasy. So long as it was still a unicorn, she was impressed. =)

I like that my ironing is improving. The lines are clean, and there are very few spots where there are still visible holes. The masking tape method is working out really well for me. One of the hidden benefits of taping your creations is that you can free up the pegboards to make the next thing, and do all of the ironing at once.

After this piece, I took a brief break from Final Fantasy stuff to make beadsprites from other games. Next few days will have some cool stuff coming up!

Example of what can happen if you don’t poke holes

butthead-torso-fail butthead-legs-failEven after practicing with the masking tape method, and failing with my Excitebike test first, I still thought it would be okay to iron this Butthead¬†anyways. I should have known it wouldn’t work; I just assumed that I didn’t iron it right.

When I got about 2/3 of the way through, I decided that something needed to change.

The reason that these holes wouldn’t close is because the air was getting trapped inside the beads because the masking tape was creating a seal, resulting in an air bubble inside.


Put some weight on it!

Put some weight on it!Make sure to put something on the medium/heavy side on top of your perler immediately after fuse; if you don’t, the will warp at the edges, and you will have to heat it back up to get it to lay flat again. I’ve seen other people use heavier items like dictionaries, but I don’t see the benefit. I’ve had success with DVDs and smallish books.

If you can, take your creation off the pegboard before it’s cooled (don’t burn your fingers!) and lay it on a piece of parchment paper, give it a few passes with the iron to heat it up a little before putting another piece of parchment on top, and then applying the weight.

It doesn’t take much weight, all you really need is a couple of DVDs or books. 15-30 minutes should be fine to let it cool.

My Iron


I got this bad boy from the Goodwill. It seems to work well enough.

I set mine right in the middle. At that setting, it seems to melt the beads at a good rate. I like that it is a smaller iron and not too heavy, but I have a feeling a heavier iron would do a better job. I plan to get a thermometer I can measure the temperature with so I can get an optimal setting.