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Overwatch Bastion Perler.

overwatch_bastion_perler overwatch_bastion_beadsprite

I love Blizzard games, and have played pretty much everything from Lost Vikingsand the original Warcraft, to their most current game, Overwatch.

I wasn’t originally going to play Overwatch until it had some extra content or a price drop, but when I started seeing the reviews and fan reaction, I picked it up and only stopped playing long enough to make this Bastion Perler piece. =)

Bastion is a transforming assault robot who is looking for his place in the world a decade after the war he was created for is over. This sprite is based on the “8-bit spray” that is unlocked in a Loot Box for leveling up, and when I unlocked it, I knew I had to make and post this. It took about 6 hours to bead and iron, and I will be posting a video on YouTube of the masking tape prep and ironing.

Perched on his recon rifle is his bird friend Ganymede.

Ironing tutorial for Perler Beads Donkey Kong and King Koopa.

Here is part 2 of the Donkey Kong and King Koopa.  You check out the guide to prepare them for ironing with the Masking Tape Method here. Let me know what you think of these videos in the comments. =)

Bald Bull Punch-Out! Arcade

bald_bull_punch-out_perlerI made a new boxer from Punch-Out! to join Glass Joe. He has really intense eyes, he looks at you like he really wants to give you that signature Bald Bull uppercut.

This beadsprite took forever to iron out; at least 45 minutes, and the paper took on a “wet” quality that made it difficult to run the iron over smoothly. I had to do a little repair on it to fill in gaps between beads, too, but I am really pleased with the end result.

How to make Perler bead art tutorial: Ren and Stimpy

I have been making Perler bead art for about 8 months now, and in that span have made about 250 individual pieces of bead-art. I like to make these tutorial videos almost as much as making the beadsprites themselves.

I loved the Ren and Stimpy cartoons and games back in the 90’s. This beadsprite I made was inspired from “The Ren and Stimpy Show: Time Warp” for the SNES.

Four more Final Fantasy Perlers

more-final-fantasy-perler more-final-fantasy-perler2I don’t want to totally pollute the blog with individual links of *all* of my Final Fantasy beadsprites individually. From clockwise is Evilman, Sea Snake, Image, and Catman. The Image got taped on the wrong side, and is mirrored, it should be facing back to the party. You would likely have not noticed this if I hadn’t told you, but, when the other palette swaps on that monster get made, they will be facing correctly.

I have more cool stuff coming up in the next few weeks, including possibly a giveaway if there is enough interest in the comments for one.

Also, I found out that my series on the masking tape method is the #1 search result for the search “Perler” in YouTube . That is a huge achievement for me, at the time of this posting the video has over 6000 views in it’s first five months, and it looks like I am going to hit my milestone of 10k views for a single video soon. =)

Super Mario Bowser Beadsprite

perler-super-mario-bowser perler-super-mario-bowser2I always thought that all of the Bowsers and the end of each level were kinda lame, but I like this guy because of the dopey grin that he has. This is one of the simple beadsprites to make, and it’s good to make easy stuff, too.

I think I might have gone a little heavy around the head area on the ironing. His teeth are over-melted, and it makes him look even goofier. He would be fun to make with a palette swap, too. A hot pink and purple would look great on him. I think I will have a hard border around the next ones to keep the lines sharper, though.

Final Fantasy Tiger

final-fantasy-tiger final-fantasy-tiger2
This is the Tiger from Final Fantasy. I think it kinda looks like Red XIII from Final Fantasy 7. I was tempted to make it with colors closer to Red XII in a sort of mash-up, but I stuck to the original colors. (Maybe some other time).

While making this, I was ironing a bunch of Christmas stuff, and wasn’t paying attention to the fact I had yet to poke holes in the tape. I started ironing and noticing that the beads were not closing fully, and to my dismay, no holes. I did a quick flip and poke, and was able to salvage it. There is some noticeable bead bleed on the top of the tail, on the flat side, but overall, it still came out well. The oranges and yellow contrasted with the black border really makes it “pop”.

Picachu Perler Santa Hat

picachu-perler-christmasI’m not the biggest Pokemon fan, to tell the truth, but my kids love it, and I would watch some of the original cartoons with them. They are both getting  the 2DS Pokemon bundle for Christmas this year, so they were ecstatic that I was making this for the blog.

I might have gone a little heavy on the ironing in the lower left hand corner. Right after I started ironing, I realized that I hadn’t poked holes in the tape yet, and I had to do an emergency flip and poke. It still came out okay.

New Masking Tape Tutorial: Super quick hole punching technique and detailed ironing walk-thru.

This is the latest in a series of tutorials for building and ironing perler bead creations. There is a focus on the ironing as well as a new method for poking holes. The song in the beginning is written by me, and the other two songs by Silent Partner and Topher Mohr and Alex Elena. 

What other tutorials should I make?