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Super Simpsons: Lisa

super-lisa2 super-lisaI always thought it funny that Lisa Simpson’s attacks with a jump rope did the same amount of damage as Marge swinging around a vacuum cleaner, Bart hitting wailing away with his skateboard, or Homer kicking and punching. For the record, I do know this is just a video game =)

I’m not entirely happy with my iron right now. The new one that I’ve purchased seems to be turning itself off before I am finished, so I have been using my first thrift store iron again. I’m shopping for a new one, but I hate the fact that I am going to be on my 3rd iron already; I feel like this should be a non-issue.

My Iron


I got this bad boy from the Goodwill. It seems to work well enough.

I set mine right in the middle. At that setting, it seems to melt the beads at a good rate. I like that it is a smaller iron and not too heavy, but I have a feeling a heavier iron would do a better job. I plan to get a thermometer I can measure the temperature with so I can get an optimal setting.




A few unused ice cube trays worked great for the initial sort. Turns out it is also great so you can have your whole color palette with you as you build.

The 22,000 bead container has 30 different colors. This seems like a pretty good range to me. I can do a whole bunch of practice projects before I get the specialty colors I will need for the more complicated stuff I am planning.

Some of the colors are really close to eachother, though. It takes good lighting to separate some of the pinks, blues, and purples. I love that variety, though. I might get deeper white icecube trays next time I am at a Goodwill, though.