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The sorting of the 22,000 is complete!



Beads are all sorted. It took forever, but I have time during the day to get it all done. I love the color palettes that come out as colors are removed from the mix.

I tend to separate by taking out the darker colors first since they stand out the most.

This bucket of  22,000 beads took about 4 days to separate. I doubt many people do it this way, but the way I see it, you either separate as you build, or you do it beforehand. I like that you know how many of any particular color you have so you can plan projects accordingly.



These tweezers are awesome. They are for pulling out stitches, so they have sharp teeth on them. When I get a new kit from the local hobby store, I will try out the green ones with the shovel, but I think these are gonna be better.

I just grabbed a container out of the kitchen for sorting; it seemed to make sense. I just wanted something deep that I could dig through a little. I would put individual colors into the folded paper and then just sort them into the icecube trays. I threw a few episodes of futurama on netflix on while I did this. (I have a feeling that Futurama characters will show up in my work).


The supplies!


So here we go. First post on the blog

How exciting!

Let’s skip all the background stuff about me and who I am…  We can do that in later posts.

These are called Perler Beads. There are apparently other brands out there, But these are the ones that most people seem to be using, so we will start with these.The beads and boards for $30.41 shipped from Amazon.com. This seems like a fairly cheap hobby to start.

Next up… I start separating and organizing.

http://x.co/1KL0M –Beads

http://x.co/1KL2L –Boards