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Biggie Perler Bead Beadsprites.

biggie_beads_marioI was planning on making more of these for a Reddit competition, but have decided to go another direction with it, but thought these two would be worthy of a blog post here.

Biggie beads may not have a ton of variety of colors, but they are really fun to play with, and make huge creations with. I was considering doing a quadruple (4 beads for every sprite), on the star, but I didn’t have enough yellow to complete it.

Mtn Dew can is just for scale. =)


Perler Biggie Beads

biggie beads beadsprite sprite perlerWe were at Michael’s the other day, and they had these guys on sale. We bought one of the kits, and a bucket, and set off to work. These are the designs that came on the box, so it made sense to just go with these over doing custom stuff. Not pictured are the stands that we built for them. I wish it would have come with a few extra googly eyes.

Overall, the Perler Biggie Beads have the same qualities as their smaller counterparts. They do fuse differently, but if you really *wanted* to get a flat fuse with them, you could. I’m considering what to do with what I have left, the colors are limited, but anything built with them wouldn’t be about detail; it’d be more about size.