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Simple small Atari sprites

atari-coaster berzerk-yars trivialpursuitI made some simple small Atari Perlers to kill a little time. I like the Berzerk ones as keychains, and the Atari drink coaster came out really nice, too.

My girlfriend even got involved and used the small circle Perler board to make a Trivial Pursuit coaster, too. She puts up with having the beads dominate the kitchen table, and we still haven’t found all the beads that scattered when I dropped the WarMech. I love that she gets involved in my hobbies. =)

Donkey Kong Jr and Space invaders.

dkjr-invaders dkjr-1 invaders-1

I’m already running perilously low on black Perler beads, so I decided ┬áthat I would find some easy designs that didn’t take any black beads.

I always loved the Donkey Kong Jr game. In the 80’s, you could count on the game sequels in the arcades to not stray too far from what the original game did. The Shakey’s Pizza had DK Jr, and I played it quite a bit; I could always get to, but never quite beat the electricity level.

Space Invaders was a no-brainer. I will likely make dozens of these, as they are good space fillers on boards that I have to tape up to bring them home.

This was the first game that I ever stayed up past midnight to play, and wake up first thing in the morning to play again. My father had an Atari 2600, and would let me play anytime I was at his place and he wasn’t already watching the TV.