Sometimes, mistakes are a good thing.

messy-table-perler-mistakeThe sign of a busy Perler artist, is a messy kitchen table. I was making some Battletoads, and was taping the surprised toad beadsprite in a hurry and totally ripped his arms and legs off. I have since rebuilt him, but the pic just looks funny like he is in pain and shock. =)

Note the completely full 22k container of black beads. That is the 3rd time I have had to fill it since I started last July. I just got an $80 in to help finish the Final Fantasy stuff. The shark there is the Grey Shark from FF1.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes, mistakes are a good thing.

  1. iodium

    Is it possible to flat iron both sides? Or it is more advanced technique that should left for expert?
    I’m new to this hobby and I like flat side more that the other side.

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