Simpson’s Arcade: Bartman


I don’t think kids today realize what a big deal The Simspons was back in the 80’s. It was mandatory to own a Bart Simpson t-shirt. Even the poor kids had bootleg shirts. There was an album called “The Simpsons Sing the Blues” that had a hit song “Do the Bartman” that was played heavily on the radio. I would watch the episodes every Thursday, and if we taped it on the VCR, watch it again. It seems so long ago, and it is hard to believe that the show is still on the air.

Anyhoo… Here is Bartman, completing the “Super” versions of the characters from the game. I need to come upĀ  with a way to display these, but for right now, they are at my desk at work. I’m thinking I might make some more of the sprites from the game, and I might even make a “Super” Maggie.

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