R2-D2 Perler Ornament

r2-d2-perler-ornament r2-d2-perler-ornament2R2-D2 was my favorite robot as a kid. I loved Star Wars, but not so much the real movie so much as my 45rpm Star Wars Read-along book. I listened to that thing 2-3 times a day on most days. I loved my little 45rpm stories. I still have the Star Wars Read-along and The Hobbit Read-along.

I attempted a C3PO one, too, but need to re-design before ironing. Check out this youtube video.

2 thoughts on “R2-D2 Perler Ornament

  1. Kaitlin MacDougall

    This design is a copy of the original I did and sell on my website, K8 Bit Hero. You can purchase it at k8bithero.etsy.com. I have created a C3P0 one as well along with Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper ornament.


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