Perler Key Chains

keychains2 keychainsMy favorite part of making Perler beadsprites is being able to give them to friends and family. Keychains are by far the most popular of the gifts, as they have an actual use, can be highly personalized, and if made correctly, can last a while. I have a Mario coin on my keychain that I think is one of the coolest things ever. =)

I made these to give away to friends and coworkers. the tongue out winky was by far the most well received. The recipient says that everyone who sees it, loves it, and loves that it is something handmade, not store bought.

I will be making a tutorial video on this soon, and will update this post with a link to the video.


5 thoughts on “Perler Key Chains

  1. Mike

    It defenitely is fun to see the reactions you get from people when they see them. For me it’s either the confused stink-eye or “that is the coolest thing ever!”

  2. Danthol Post author

    Yeah, I love the reactions I get from showing people the things I make. I get the stink-eye when people realize that I am a 38 year old father of 2 that is playing with craft beads that are marketed towards pre-teen girls.
    But… At least I’m not a “Brony”

      1. Danthol Post author

        I refuse to believe the “Brony” thing is real… I feel like it all just started as a joke by a couple of internet trolls that just got out of hand. Bronies are like, in the same category as Juggalos, but just slight more masculine. =)


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