Perler delivery days are the best

box-of-beads bead-varietyGetting stuff in the mail is great. Getting a shipment of beads in the mail is awesome. Perler beads hold so much potential; they can become anything you want them to be. They can be made into a Dragon, a Grumpy cat, or Grandma.

I have another shipment coming in middle of next week. I’m actually gonna be getting some sparkles, some stripey, and some pearlescent beads as well as 15k more black beads, and my 4th 22k tub-o-assorted beads. I’m spending like, $75 a month on this hobby, but it is well worth it.


6 thoughts on “Perler delivery days are the best

    1. Danthol Post author

      I dump a manageable amount in a large shallow tupperware for sorting. I have smaller 1 cup size cups, and plastic zipper bags. I sort 3-4 colors out at a time until there are few to none left of that color. I start with the high contrast colors like the yellows, blacks, whites, then move on to other groups that pop out. Repeat until the tupperware is empty. It takes about 5-6 hours to sort a 22k jug (I should time myself next time I sort one to know for sure). Some people would say that I’m crazy, but I enjoy it. It puts me in kind of a “Zen” state to be organizing and sorting the chaos that 22k beads is. It also gives my creations a “made from scratch” feeling.

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