Orko / Black Mage crossover

orko2 orkoI always thought that Orko and the Black Mage from Final Fantasy looked alike, so, it seemed fitting to mash them up and make a Beadsprite of the result (while writing this post, I have of course found that someone else had already thought this up in 2010).

I’m considering using other FF sources to make He-Man, Man at Arms, and possibly others. If I can find a way to sneak some Thundercats in there, too, that would be sweet.

5 thoughts on “Orko / Black Mage crossover

  1. Mike

    Hey, I’ve recently gotten into making Perler sprites as well. I really checking your site to see what you keep coming up with each week. Personally I’m working on creating each boss from Mega Man 1 – 6 for the NES.

    Keep up the great work!


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