Only 20 pieces left for the big Final Fantasy project.


This is at the bottom of the stairs in my home as I near completion of my Final Fantasy Monsters and Warriors project. in total, there are over 200 individual pieces of art from the game, and likely when I complete that, I will be adding NPC and other in game art like castles, and locations. Expect to see the whole wall (it goes all the way up the stairs) in the coming few weeks.

3 thoughts on “Only 20 pieces left for the big Final Fantasy project.

  1. Angel

    Wow, that is looking absolutely awesome! I’m a big fan of the Final Fantasy classics (loved reading 8-bit Theater) and this combined with my growing interest in perler beads makes your project of high interest to me.

    Looking forward to the finished wall!

    1. Danthol Post author

      The only thing that I have found that works are pins or thumbtacks. I have tried glue dots and poster tack, but they still fall off. Command strips work, but get pricey.


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