New Space Invaders single bucket Perler project.

perler_bead_bucket perler_preparation space_invaders_perler

New big project in the works. Gotta finish this up in the next 3 days. I separated an entire bucket again and the plan is to make one single piece with it. (Like I did with this)

I’ve laid out the Invaders, shields and laser cannon from the 1978 game Space Invaders, and was planning on what I would do to fill things in, and haven’t made a final decision, but I am going to get back to work on it now.

I will post the finished project or some more updates soon.


3 thoughts on “New Space Invaders single bucket Perler project.

    1. Danthol Post author

      I used MSPaint, zoomed to 800, and applied grid. I then take a screenshot, and email to my tablet, and view in the photo viewer.

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