New Perler colors and packaging.

I took a trip to the Local JoAnn’s in Arizona today, and they had some of the new Perler colors and packages out. I thought those of you who visit the page might be interested.

First up, we have some new jars of beads. This new packaging has 18k beads and includes multiple stripey beads and pearly beads that the 22k jars do not have. The 18k and the 22k were both priced at $24.99 USD.20150730_201007

These are the things that I bought. The 6k bags were $12.99 USD, the roll of ironing paper (similar to a roll of parchment paper) was $4.99 USD, and the 1k bags were $2.99 USD.20150730_213957

This is a new color called “Evergreen” it is a shade darker than the “Dark Green”. It will come in really handy for some of the more detailed pieces.20150730_214010

This is the “Fairy Dust” which is a translucent green with a few “sparkles” in it. I can’t see a ton of uses for it, but I will try to get it in an upcoming product.20150730_214018

Here are some other shots of the selection with multiple colors of 1k and 6k bags.20150730_20093720150730_200941

2 thoughts on “New Perler colors and packaging.

  1. Thundal

    Love your blog… picking up masking-tape ironing for stress-builds to make two-sided ironed pieces better (I make wearable projects, mostly, and having a flat back makes the e6000 stick better).

    If you’re looking for beads, I’d actually recommend , as it’s cheaper than those prices, as long as you’re working in bulk, and no sorting needed! If you’re worried about an independent site, the seller is also known as Callahan13 on Ebay, and has 14k sales or so. the 6k bags are 10, and 1k bags are 2.50… and less if you bulk order them. Also handles mini-beads and the like.

    Figured I’d give a bit of info back, since your blog has helped me improve drastically since I found it.

  2. Kate D

    Wow those are really overpriced. If you buy them from they’re cheaper ($2-$2.50 per bag of 1k), plus you can usually find a coupon code. Also check out Amazon, sometimes the Perler merchant on Amazon is cheaper than the actual Perler website.


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