Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Fire

mario-luigi-wario-fireguy mario-luigi-wario-fireguy2I was in a weird mood, and wanted to make some smaller simple stuff, and I want to eventually make most of the elements from Donkey Kong. I figured it would be neat to make a Luigi colored Jumpman (Mario’s original name in Donkey Kong), and that led to making a Wario, too. =)

I’m thinking these would make good fridge magnets, or I might make more Donkey Kong beadsprites for a recreation of the level 1 for wall display. Maybe even a set of fridge magnets that can be arranged like the game. =)

1 thought on “Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Fire

  1. Ellie

    Nossa é uma ótima opção para que não quer um touch e sim um super smnrhptoae para trabalho, já estou pensando em pegar um desse. Muito bom o blog!+1


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