Luigi and Yoshi go for a ride.

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I found this Luigi and Yoshi sprite on Spriter’s Resource¬†and thought it would be fun to make. This is from the computer game Mario is Missing. I’ve been told that this game was horrible, it looks like the same people who made the really really bad 3DO games, but most likely it was licenced by a different company.

I love the expression on both of their faces and the goofy way that Yoshi looks like he is walking. Overall, this is one of my favorite beadsprites I have made in a few months, but the Hulk Hogan remains my top favorite

2 thoughts on “Luigi and Yoshi go for a ride.

  1. BeadFaceKillaaaaaa

    Dude! You can’t throw shade on the “Mario Is Missing!!” ……………………..Actually you can. It was the oddest game I ever played as a kid. But the perler took me back, man! Awesome site! I loved perler beading as a kid and then totally forgot about it. Now that I have kids, I found them in the art store a couple years ago and was like OMFGGGGGG kids you’re playing with f-ing beads with me when you get home or your grounded!
    Needless to say they became bored after 5 mins due to T.V and a naturally short attention span…. aaaaand I spent the whole night building bad ass little key chains and figurines and stuff. Im hooked now! I can’t look at any cartoon anymore without trying to vision it as a bead pattern LOL

    1. Danthol Post author

      Haha, that’s awesome. I made something just the other day. I need to post my backlog of stuff, too.
      Link me a picture so I can see what you’re working on!

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