This is the second in the series of the single the single bucket challenge. I have a long term goal of creating ten of these over the next few years.  My first piece like this was a simple pattern, and I was thinking the whole time that the houndstooth pattern looked an awful lot like the ships from Space Invaders, and was inspired.

I worked out most of the design from a screenshot found online of the ships in formation, added the Mystery Ship looming large in the background, plotted out the curve of the “Earth” and continents (not to scale). The big challenge here was to use all the colors while creating a design spontaneously.

It took about 25 hours to sort the beads, 30 to lay out the design, and 3 to tape and iron.

space_invaders_perler_bucket (4)Gotta poke those holes to help the ironing process (important for bigger pieces like this)

space_invaders_perler_bucket (6) Two sheets of Reynolds Parchment paper covered it nicely. Getting read for a long ironing session. It’s stressful as all getout, and I have to switch up arms. Big stack of books on the ready. Yes I have a functional candy machine in my house.space_invaders_perler_bucket (7)I buy these books half off at Goodwill. No I didn’t read the Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh books. =)

space_invaders_perler_bucket (11)Closeup of the finished surface. I only iron the one side, and I display the bead side.

perler-on-displayINSERT.COIN(S) — Danthol 2016

6 thoughts on “INSERT.COIN(S)

      1. Dan

        Was planning on attempting a 5×7 project and needed some tips on ironing. Love your vids by the way. Are you placing single books over an ironed portion and going in waves or do you heat all at once? Really don’t want to mess up my project. My biggest to date is only a 3×4, so I could iron all at once.

        1. Danthol Post author

          I start at a corner and work my way across, back and forth. I put a book on the finished sections to keep them flat while the rest is being ironed. It’s nerve wracking, for sure.

  1. Rick w

    Damn you are good!!
    If you dont have instagram, get a account and join the beads community. Would LOVE to see your work there.

    My instagram name is : parleporten
    So dont wait, make it now <3

  2. Alice

    Once you put the masking tape over,how on earth did you flip it all? With large projects like that, if I flip it the pegboards fall off and beads scatter, and if I peel the tape, even after excessive pressing of the tape to the beads, the tape isn’t strong enough to pick up all the beads and will drop lots as I’m pulling the tape off the board. I’d love to know how you flip it over to be ironed please! My biggest issue right now.

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