Hulk Hogan: WWF Superstars

hulk-hogan hulk-hogan2

I was a little Hulkamaniac as a kid in the 80’s. I religiously watched WWF every Saturday morning, and even got to go to Wreslemania II in Los Angeles. I had the clothes, and the toys, and everything.

There weren’t any official WWF games until 1989 in the form of WWF Superstars by Tecmo. They had this one at the bowling alley in my hometown, too. I remember playing quite a bit of this, and almost always choosing The Ultimate Warrior as my tag team partner. The computer always got cheap the further you progressed in the game, so I rarely was able to beat it.

I didn’t know what to expect when I assembled this with the Perler beads, but I must admit, this is now my favorite of all the creations I have so far. I plan on making some of the other wrestlers, and possibly more of Hulk Hogan in different poses.

6 thoughts on “Hulk Hogan: WWF Superstars

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  2. Cypress

    would you mind if i made this for my boyfriend?
    could you help me identify some of the colors?

    its amazing, i want to make it for xmas.

    Thanks again


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