Halloween Perler Pumpkins

happy-perler-pumpkinminecraft-perler-pumpkinsilly-perler-pumpkinfunny-perler-pumpkinangry-perler-pumpkinMikki and I made these tonight. I saw something like this somewhere on the internet, probably Pinterest or something like that. If I do this next year, I will do some cooler ones based of video games or something like that. (Although there is one of them based on the game Minecraft.

I think these are super cool, because we can have them for display in the house for a week before carving them. There were a few other eyes, fangs, ect not displayed, but I don’t think they really worked.

If you like these, and are looking for other Halloween ideas, go check out this really cool blog at http://hauntinglyfun.wordpress.com/ . There is a whole section for Pumpkins, and even some links for other “no carve” pumpkins as well as costume ideas and recipes.

–Originally Published on: Oct 23, 2013 @ 6:46

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