Getting a little behind in my fusing.

work-in-progressLast few days have been super busy. I have had time to put stuff together, tape it up, poke them holes, but not enough time to iron them out. I’m gonna be getting these done later tonight, and maybe even make some of my first few webcomics!

I have a new domain that I will talk about in a few posts, and am working on a whole new project with all of the characters, and most of the set pieces will be made with perler beads. I’m really looking forward to make this idea I have had in the last month into a reality. I don’t know how well the mixed media format of a webcomic, mixed with photography, mixed with a craft art, mixed with videogame culture, mixed with my sense of humor will work, but I intend to put my best foot forward.

Also, I have a time lapse video going on youtube later this week, a new tutorial in the works, and a few other surprises! Stay tuned!

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