Four more Final Final Fantasy Monsters

medusa-beadsprite final-fantasy-seahag-final-fantasy-beadsprite final-fantasy-iguana-beadsprite final-fantasy-greyshark-perlerHere are four more monsters from Final Fantasy 1. I’m getting super close to finishing up all the monsters for the final project of all monsters, bosses, and heroes. Once I am done, it will be over 200 individual pieces I am creating for a mural, and it’s shaping up to be pretty kick ass.

3 thoughts on “Four more Final Final Fantasy Monsters

  1. Jenny

    Hello how are you?
    First I would like to thank you for the great site that keeps! It’s really cool to see their gear and tips! Thank same!
    I’m from Brazil, and here unfortunately does not have to buy the beads, just out!
    I would like to ask you already that I’m totally noob in this matter, you use an app to mount the characters? I’ve seen and found it very cool but not sie use!

    Again congratulations for the work!

  2. Mike J

    Hey, great site and great stuff! I was wondering if you’ve ever done any by eye for fun or if you just find sprites/pixelate everything.


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