Four more Final Fantasy Perlers

more-final-fantasy-perler more-final-fantasy-perler2I don’t want to totally pollute the blog with individual links of *all* of my Final Fantasy beadsprites individually. From clockwise is Evilman, Sea Snake, Image, and Catman. The Image got taped on the wrong side, and is mirrored, it should be facing back to the party. You would likely have not noticed this if I hadn’t told you, but, when the other palette swaps on that monster get made, they will be facing correctly.

I have more cool stuff coming up in the next few weeks, including possibly a giveaway if there is enough interest in the comments for one.

Also, I found out that my series on the masking tape method is the #1 search result for the search “Perler” in YouTube . That is a huge achievement for me, at the time of this posting the video has over 6000 views in it’s first five months, and it looks like I am going to hit my milestone of 10k views for a single video soon. =)

1 thought on “Four more Final Fantasy Perlers

  1. Mike

    Well congrats on the view count. I didn’t even know bead spriting was a thing until I came accross your site and now the sub Reddit. Now I spend 10 plus hours a week doing it with no signs of slowing down.

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