Final Fantasy Tattoo.

PerlertatI don’t think I have really established why I am making all of the Final Fantasy 1 stuff. In 1990, I was 14 years old, and all I ever wanted was a Nintendo and this game. One summer, my family went out of state for a week, and was to stay with my grandparents. I had $20 to do whatever I wanted with, so grandma found a video rental store and drove me to it.

I had locked myself in that room, on the 15 inch TV that still had VHF knobs on it, and played through the whole game in two days. I was in heaven. I escaped into world where I was the one responsible for avoiding Armageddon, and I managed to avoid a long plane trip to a place where I was allowed to touch nothing, let their miserable little dog bite me, and babysit my 3 year old brother. I know how Harry Potter would have felt. =)

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