Final Fantasy Tiger

final-fantasy-tiger final-fantasy-tiger2
This is the Tiger from Final Fantasy. I think it kinda looks like Red XIII from Final Fantasy 7. I was tempted to make it with colors closer to Red XII in a sort of mash-up, but I stuck to the original colors. (Maybe some other time).

While making this, I was ironing a bunch of Christmas stuff, and wasn’t paying attention to the fact I had yet to poke holes in the tape. I started ironing and noticing that the beads were not closing fully, and to my dismay, no holes. I did a quick flip and poke, and was able to salvage it. There is some noticeable bead bleed on the top of the tail, on the flat side, but overall, it still came out well. The oranges and yellow contrasted with the black border really makes it “pop”.

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