Final Fantasy Kraken

perler-kraken perler-kraken2This beadsprite is the Final Fantasy fiend Kraken. In the original NES version of Final Fantasy, there were no save points in dungeons. You could save outside, or at an Inn. This was one of the super annoying bosses that would kill you after you had just cleared a dungeon of all it’s treasure, and were ready to just finish up and move on, then this dude would hit you heavy with 8 hit combos, and wipe you out.

As with all of the 4+ board Perler creations, he was a challenge to iron out, and the black border beads didn’t all fully close up. I’ve been noticing that the black beads in particular have had some variance in size which seems to impact the alignment of the borders, but it’s not so bad that I have been tossing them out, yet. It’s most noticeable when the tweezers don’t quite fit in the holes well. I’m happy with the bead side, though, and plan to mount it to canvas with that side up.


1 thought on “Final Fantasy Kraken

  1. Mike

    As frustrating as the lack of save points were in earlier RPGs, it definiely gave you a bigger sense of satisfaction knowing what’s “at stake” when you finally beat a boss such as the freaking Kraken.

    I forget sometimes just how unforgiving the original Final Fantasy was compared to even its next few successors.


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