Final Fantasy 1 Perler stairwell wall

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I finally got around to taking pictures, editing, tagging, and posting my completed Final Fantasy project, and here are the results. =)

Represented are every monster, boss, and hero from Final Fantasy 1 ascending the stairs to my bedroom (185 pieces in total). I estimate it took about 200 hours of work from start to finish over a 16 month period. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started, but I stuck with it and finished it new years eve 2014.

I have two new big projects for 2015, including a WrestleMania set and 22k bead bucket mural, so I’m not done with this blog by a long shot. Stay tuned.



10 thoughts on “Final Fantasy 1 Perler stairwell wall

  1. Daniel

    I’ve been following you for quite some time and I was very excited to see your finished work. Just one word to say, WOW! Keep up the great work!

  2. Angela

    As someone who also does perler art, I gotta say that your dedication is amazing and those look awesome. Great job!! And you have a cute kitty!

  3. ravvenesque

    Wow. That is impressive work/art/Perler-ing! I too love Perlers and have finally found your amazing website. I am a big fan of your stuff! Keep on Perler-ing!

  4. Victoria

    What kind of paper do you use to iron your creations? Ive seen it come with the peg boards at michaels, but is there a roll for it like there is for illuminum foil?

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  6. Thoriumplated

    Love your site! Wondering what you used for hanging your creation on the wall. I was thinking of using the command strip double sided pads. Not sure what else would keep the walls from getting damaged.

  7. Justin

    Hey, I’m doing my own kind of ff art and I need a little help with the hydra Wondering if I could get the close up of the hydra itself. BTW I really love these works, they’re my favorite

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