Dino Run 2 Fan Art

dinos-2 dinos-3 dinos-4 dinos-5 dinos-6 dinos-7 dinos-8 dinos-9One of my favorite indie computer games is a little computer game called “Dino Run” It is a free to play in browser game. You can click here to play it. It’s a really cool concept of a small dinosaur that is running from certain doom when a large asteroid collides with the earth. There are several stages and if you get to the end of them all you can find a cave that allows you to avoid extinction. It’s kinda like Sonic the Hedgehog, but more hectic.

They sponsored a fan art contest, and I thought that this collection of dinos would be perfect for it. I wanted to get some cool outdoors pictures of them, or mount them on canvas, but I ran out of time, and decided to submit them as they are. I will update if I place in the contest.

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