Custom Mario and Princess

steve-and-maureenLast weekend, I was inspired to make some more custom beadsprites, and I thought some out of state friends would be good source material. The couple has the same height disparity, and it was easy to remove the Mario mustache, change up the colors, and personalize with a Boston “B” on the hat.

The princess came out perfect on the fuse first try, but “Mario” needed some extra attention, and as a result the finish left some shiny spots. I hate when you have to go for the second pass, and it leaves a “gloss” on the flat side of the creation. In this case, I got some clear fingernail polish from the dollar store to match them out. I don’t think I will be doing this for many of my pieces, but it worked out for this one.

2 thoughts on “Custom Mario and Princess

  1. Josh

    What causes the shiny gloss? I’m randomly seeing this. Sometimes the beads aren’t even fully fused and I’ll get it. I am poking holes in the masking tape.


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