Cookie Clicker Grandma Perler

perler-grandma-cookie-clicker perler-grandma-cookie-clicker2I’m getting around to making some more of the beadsprites from the popular underground game “Cookie Clicker“. This Perler creation is the first grandma you hire to make cookies for you in the game. There are 9 others that I am working on completing soon, including the “Cosmic Grandma” which I will have a time elapse video of the creation of from beginning to end.

I like the knobbly knees, ¬†too high dress, and mature bosom; it adds to the comedy of it all. The color choices work well, and it looks good overall. I’m very pleased with this piece, and look forward to having all 10 lined up with the first Cookie Clicker beadsprite I did.

2 thoughts on “Cookie Clicker Grandma Perler

  1. Mike

    I don’t get why this game is so darn addicting. There’s very little strategy, no clear end goal, and 99% of your time “playing” is essentially just waiting. But I’ll be the first to admit… Incomprehesibly fun…

  2. Danthol Post author

    I’m at a bottleneck on that “game” right now. I’m working up to 100 Antimatter Condensers, but it is taking like a day and a half to be able to save up for one. Only 5 more to go for the achievement!


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