Cookie Clicker Grandma Fan Art

perler-grandma-cookieclickerThe internet is a funny thing; you never really know what will come out of it. The simplest of things can attract your attention, and the game “Cookie Clicker” is one of those.

The premise is simple. Click on the cookie to get a cookie. When you get a few cookies, you can buy a second cursor to click on the cookie for you. As you build up a few more cookies, you can purchase a “Grandma” to bake cookies for you. Your CPS, or “cookies per second” increases, and before you know it, you’re opening portals to an alternate universe called the “cookieverse” and condensing antimatter to push your CPS into the billions!

The real magic behind the game, like any other, is the story it tells in the form of achievements, and headlines reminiscent of those you would find in Simcity that relay the impact of your choices. The many abuses you level against the Grandmas are particularly dark; at one point you enter into an “Elder Covenant” with the Grandmatriarch, and twist and deform the Grandmas into hyper-dimensional beings with supernatural cookie baking powers.

I had a ton of fun making this beadsprite, and am really enjoying all the feedback I have gotten on it so far on reddit and imgur. I’m starting to feel like what I am doing might actually become “art”. I am planning on making the smaller variations of the “Grandma” from the game in the coming weeks, and will also be mounting this on painted canvass with one of the quotes from the game.


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