Chaos, the final boss from Final Fantasy

chaos-final-fantasy-perler chaos-final-fantasy-beadsprite chaos-and-garland-perler chaos_defeats_light_warriors-perler chaos-final-fantasy-closeup

I had been itching to make something a little bit bigger than I have made so far. Last posts Bald Bull was one of the bigger ones, and I figured the time had come to make the final boss from Final Fantasy as my biggest Perler creation yet.

I had originally planned to make him last out of all the Final Fantasy Perlers set that I am working on, but I just recently purchased a ton of bags of beads and wanted to do something that posed a challenge, and Chaos was definitely up to the task. I will create another post about this with some of the progress pictures of the steps I had to take to get him completed.

Posed with Chaos is, of course, Garland who I am now realizing hasn’t been posted on this page yet, but was featured on my “indefinitely on hold web comic”, . Also posed are the defeated Warriors of Light, who went to visit Chaos before they were prepared. =)

2 thoughts on “Chaos, the final boss from Final Fantasy

  1. Emily Madeleine Rochester

    Dunno if you could share the pattern? Pixels translate GREAT to beadwork, and the warriors of light were easy enough, but Chaos of the fiends are a lot trickier. :/

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