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New set pieces for

set_pieces1 set_pieces2I am foraging forward with the new webcomic, and for the next month or so, I will give sneak peaks into the webcomic, in the majority of posts. Once I have most of my set pieces and protagonists done, I will get back to the more pop culture type designs.

Last night was the night to build the inkeeper, the item merchant, the bar, a barrel, and assorted drinks. I lifted the beer design off google images, but the martini and glass of milk are original designs. The open bag of gold was just a repurposed black piece from the pumpkin making.

I had a ton of fun making them, they will appear often to set the scene. I am, however starting to have an issue with lighting and photography. I need a proper solution for this soon as I want this to be a higher quality project long term… I’ll work out the kinks later.


Winds of Fate


I’m thinking I should be able to keep a schedule of 3 comics a week over at I downloaded some awesome software that gives me the quality output I am looking for, and I have a ton of ideas of the direction I am looking for it to go.

This is one of the scenes from today’s comic. I’ve made the majority of the beadsprites for the Warriors of Light, and will keep it up until I finish all of them. I ran out of the blue used in Black Mages robes, Thief’s hair, and Black Belt’s gi, so they won’t be able to make full appearances until they are done, but I can totally work around it.

I’m loving these projects. I get a little rush like I might genuinely be onto something good. =)


Fight Magic Drink Item Run ! is my new webcomic. There is a first webcomic now online.

It is totally in beta, and I need to work out a bunch of kinks in the photo and photo editing process, and format, and basically learn how to make a proper webcomic from the ground up. I mean, this is something I have wanted to do for ages, and I am going to get something really really cool over there.

Click Here to see the new webcomic!