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Progress on the Super Mario Maker WiiU Perler Wall


I should have been posting these weekly, or at least not have waited so long to post anything on the page, but better late than never.

Here’s what I’ve been up to the last few weeks.

star_fox_perler_mario_makerHere we have the Amiibo costumes of the crew and ship from StarFox.animal_crossing_perler_mario_maker A few of the Animal Crossing costumes. (I wonder what angry song K.K. slider is singing).dr_mario_yoshi_perler_mario_maker Dr. Mario, Kart Mario, and some Yarn Yoshis.princess_peach_bowser_pit_samus_perler Bowser Jr, Waluigi, Pit, Princess, Bowser, and Zero Suit Samus.dk_donkey_kong_little_mac_shyguy_perler Diddy and Donkey Kong, Little Mac, Shellcreeper, Sidestepper , and a Shyguy.chibi_robo_splatoon_perler_mario_maker Question mark block, Toad, Dr. Lobe, Fit Trainer, Chibi Robo, and a Squid from Splatoon.king_dedede_toon_link_perler_mario_maker Majohng tile, King Dedede, Foreman Spike, Pikmen, Toon Link, and Mr Game and Watch.enemies_mario_maker_perler And finally some various enemies. mario_maker_perler_wallI project I am about half done with the project, and started putting them up on the wall. =)

Neon Perler Christmas Lights

neon-perler-christmas-lights2neon-perler-christmas-lights There’s not much to say about these; they look like Christmas lights, and glow under black light. The green ones don’t really work as well as I had hoped, and if I make more of these next year, I will just stick with the four colors that really “pop”

Tomorrow’s post will be the final piece of the season, and I should also have time to arrange a montage of everything for Christmas. I had a ton of fun making and posting these, and the site has tripled in traffic this month. To be honest, I’m sad that it’s gonna be over, but now I can get back to finishing the Final Fantasy project that I started months ago.

Cookie Clicker True Santa Perler

true-santa-cookie-clicker-perler true-santa-cookie-clicker-perler2I fired up Cookie Clicker again after a few weeks of not playing, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the game had been updated with some Christmas related goals. In true Cookie Clicker fashion, things started off normal with “Festive elf fetus”, moved onto “Nick” and “Elder Santa” and then to “True Santa” and “Final Santa” >images< .

True Santa was a no brainer. It looks good from a distance, but not so much up close. It was definitely designed to be something small. I like the way it came out, especially the way that the browns look (the source image has much duller colors). It kinda looks like something you might see on a Megadeth Christmas card,

Luigi and Yoshi go for a ride.

weegee2 weegee

I found this Luigi and Yoshi sprite on Spriter’s Resource and thought it would be fun to make. This is from the computer game Mario is Missing. I’ve been told that this game was horrible, it looks like the same people who made the really really bad 3DO games, but most likely it was licenced by a different company.

I love the expression on both of their faces and the goofy way that Yoshi looks like he is walking. Overall, this is one of my favorite beadsprites I have made in a few months, but the Hulk Hogan remains my top favorite

Final Fantasy Tattoo.

PerlertatI don’t think I have really established why I am making all of the Final Fantasy 1 stuff. In 1990, I was 14 years old, and all I ever wanted was a Nintendo and this game. One summer, my family went out of state for a week, and was to stay with my grandparents. I had $20 to do whatever I wanted with, so grandma found a video rental store and drove me to it.

I had locked myself in that room, on the 15 inch TV that still had VHF knobs on it, and played through the whole game in two days. I was in heaven. I escaped into world where I was the one responsible for avoiding Armageddon, and I managed to avoid a long plane trip to a place where I was allowed to touch nothing, let their miserable little dog bite me, and babysit my 3 year old brother. I know how Harry Potter would have felt. =)

The sorting of the 22,000 is complete!



Beads are all sorted. It took forever, but I have time during the day to get it all done. I love the color palettes that come out as colors are removed from the mix.

I tend to separate by taking out the darker colors first since they stand out the most.

This bucket of  22,000 beads took about 4 days to separate. I doubt many people do it this way, but the way I see it, you either separate as you build, or you do it beforehand. I like that you know how many of any particular color you have so you can plan projects accordingly.