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Excitebike Perler fridge magnet set.

20150326_181904It’s not often that you see the background objects of videogames featured in art projects. I liked that the game Excitebike included things like cameramen and pit-crews in along the track. I really like the hard green borders they have, too.

I’ve been working on a ton of fridge-magnets for the reddit gift exchange, and for another project to finally sell some of my art for the people who keep on asking. =) I’ll be updating the page soon with a whole series on magnet stuff soon.


Christmas in River City.

river_city_xmasI made a ton of Christmas themed Beadsprites last year, so I’m not going to be able to keep up the pace for this year, but here is the first in the series.

I got the sample sprites from River City Ransom and the Japanese counterpart Downtown Nekketsu StoryI don’t know what exactly is going on in this scene, I was just kinda riffing, and thought it would be funny if one was angrily giving an Xmas present and the other was overjoyed. I don’t know if it really works, but it’s funny none the less.

Bit-Bead Kickstarter Sprites

red-sword-bit-bead cute-chicks-bit-bead low-battery-bit-beadThe guys over at are kickstarting a new case for the iPhone that allows you to create 21×11 beadsprites inside of a special frame, and slide it into the case; it’s really cool stuff.

Inspired by the designs they had on the site, I made a few of my own, and it really made me wish I had one of my own to put on my phone. My 10 year old daughter gave me the stink eye when she saw I made the little baby chicks piece, but I assured her that I also made a sword, so the balance was maintained. =)

Go check out the kickstarter and help fund it!

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Perler Tardis Fridge Magnet

tardis-perler-fridge perler-tardis-magnetI’m going to say it right now: I’m not the world’s biggest Dr. Who fan. I watched the first season of the “newer” ones, and enjoyed Eccleston, but after that when they were fighting evil robot Santas, I lost interest quick. On occasion when I’m in the mood, I’ll watch another episode on Netflix, sure…

I made this one for a friend who requested it like, a month ago, and now I am finally getting around to putting it online. I decided to have the flat ironed side for display on this one like i have a on the other two of these I made and given to friends at work (I work with nerds).

Merry Christmas!

hardcore-perler-christmas-2013I think my Christmas project is a complete success. 2/3 of these were made the day of the posting, but they all came out really well!

Thanks for all the feedback and support in the comments in /r/beadsprites and facebook. 2014 is gonna be a great year for the site, and expect to see four or more posts a week here on!

Perler Christmas Tree

perler-christmas-tree perler-christmas-tree2I first found this on a subreddit that I post some of my work to. There are a few varieties of it, so I decided it would be cool to make one of my own. I made some variations in the bulbs, and the smaller gold “beads”. The lines are pretty crisp, and aside from the star, a really consistent flat iron.

I have some other good stuff in the works and I’m really happy with all the pieces I have made so far this month. This has been a really awesome holiday season, especially since I have an excuse to blog about Christmas and make art.

You’re a rotter, Mr. Grinch!

grinch-christmas-perler grinch-christmas-perler-2This Mr. Grinch Perler almost took the last of my sorted red beads. I’m dangerously low on white beads, too. I do have 3 more 22k barrels to sift through if I need more before the end of my Christmas marathon of posts.

I found this design online, and decided that I wanted one for my own. I love the way it came out. The flat side came out particularly well. The lines are clean, and it is relatively level (sometimes, one corner gets a little too much, and it’s visible). I have had this song stuck in my head all day, too.

R2-D2 Perler Ornament

r2-d2-perler-ornament r2-d2-perler-ornament2R2-D2 was my favorite robot as a kid. I loved Star Wars, but not so much the real movie so much as my 45rpm Star Wars Read-along book. I listened to that thing 2-3 times a day on most days. I loved my little 45rpm stories. I still have the Star Wars Read-along and The Hobbit Read-along.

I attempted a C3PO one, too, but need to re-design before ironing. Check out this youtube video.

Picachu Perler Santa Hat

picachu-perler-christmasI’m not the biggest Pokemon fan, to tell the truth, but my kids love it, and I would watch some of the original cartoons with them. They are both getting  the 2DS Pokemon bundle for Christmas this year, so they were ecstatic that I was making this for the blog.

I might have gone a little heavy on the ironing in the lower left hand corner. Right after I started ironing, I realized that I hadn’t poked holes in the tape yet, and I had to do an emergency flip and poke. It still came out okay.

Terraria Santa Hat Perler

terraria-christmas-perler terraria-christmas-perler2My 8 year old son loves Terraria above all other videogames. He will play it in his room for hours on end. He knows all the best online videos to watch, knows every recipe for items, and how to beat all of the bosses. If I have time these next few weeks, I might make a couple variations on this guy.

I like how both the bead and the flat side came out on this Perler creation. The dark browns and blacks always have issues with the flat fuse, but the smaller the piece, the fewer the issues. I will likely be making this into a fridge magnet.