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Using the masking tape method on larger Perler art.

Here’s part 1 of 2 of my latest YouTube instructional video. This video covers the latest version of the masking tape method I have been using to make the bigger Perler creations.

This is the making of the Overwatch Bastion Perler from the last post.

I’m really happy how good the video turned out, and I did a little different format with slides in the videos. Check it out, I narrate the process and make stupid jokes and stuff! =)

Overwatch Bastion Perler.

overwatch_bastion_perler overwatch_bastion_beadsprite

I love Blizzard games, and have played pretty much everything from Lost Vikingsand the original Warcraft, to their most current game, Overwatch.

I wasn’t originally going to play Overwatch until it had some extra content or a price drop, but when I started seeing the reviews and fan reaction, I picked it up and only stopped playing long enough to make this Bastion Perler piece. =)

Bastion is a transforming assault robot who is looking for his place in the world a decade after the war he was created for is over. This sprite is based on the “8-bit spray” that is unlocked in a Loot Box for leveling up, and when I unlocked it, I knew I had to make and post this. It took about 6 hours to bead and iron, and I will be posting a video on YouTube of the masking tape prep and ironing.

Perched on his recon rifle is his bird friend Ganymede.

Star Wars X-Wing fighter and Stortmtrooper Perler

20150225_131417 20150225_131424 20150225_131434 20150225_131441One of my friends was looking at my webpage, and noticed there was a distinct shortage of Star Wars Perlers here, so I sought out some sprites online and found these two. I plan on adding a Millennium Falcon soon, as well.

I loved Star Wars since my youth, and vividly remember going to see Return of the Jedi in the theater with my grandmother back in the day. I really hope the new movies coming out will live up to the legacy of the originals more than the prequel movies did.

With these two sprites, I’m keeping up the theme of colored borders, and chose the turquoise blue to match the blue of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, and the red border for the storm trooper to match the laser rifle blasts.

Cookie Clicker Rainbow Grandma

cookie-clicker-rainbow-grandma(click here for close up)

After all these months, I have still been playing Cookie Clicker. I had just gotten to producing per second, and on Valentine’s Day, a new patch was released with cookie producing prisms, conversation heart cookies, and new achievements and stuffs.

This is the Rainbow Grandma. She joins the cast of other grandmas in that bake cookies for you. Apparently, she works the prisms that can “convert light itself into cookies”. This is by far the most colorful Perler creation I have made short of the Parrot.

You can see other Cookie Clicker pieces I have made here here here and here


Flappy Doge Perler

flappy_doge-perler-2 flappy_doge-perler The news stories about the Flappy Birds game being taken off the Google and iTunes stores. There are now phones on EBAY and Craigslist that are being sold for exorbitant amounts of money.

Now there are many clones on the appstores, and online versions of the game, too. Flappy Doge is one of my favorites, and it was too perfect to not make a Perler version of it. If you try the game out, I am not not responsible for any hair that you pull out, or replacement of your phone after you stomp on it repeatedly =)

Starbound “Glitch” Perler

Starbound-glitch-perlerI started playing Starbound last week, and I am hooked already! This Perler piece is of my main character whom I have simply named “Professor”. I might make a few more of him with some of the armor and clothes I have made, and maybe even with one of the cooler weapons, but this is his simple “waiting” stance.

Starbound lends itself really well to this kind of artform. I’m betting more of it will show up on the blog. What race, character, or monster should I make next?

Fix-it-Felix gets a medal and a pie.

fix-it-felix-pie fix-it-felix-pie-2I had an hour to kill, and just wanted to make something random, so I found this sprite: Fix-it-Felix gets his rewards”. I do intend to make more of the Wreck-it-Ralph stuff; some of it really looks good in Perler Bead form.

This one would make a cute Christmas ornament for next year, holding a present. Maybe make him holding an easter egg if I decide to do more of the holiday themed stuff. I think maybe all 7 days before Valentine’s Day, I will make a series of love themed Perler creations and post them. Still got some more final fantasy stuff coming, too. I think I am at about halfway through, but speeding back up on production.

Terraria Santa Hat Perler

terraria-christmas-perler terraria-christmas-perler2My 8 year old son loves Terraria above all other videogames. He will play it in his room for hours on end. He knows all the best online videos to watch, knows every recipe for items, and how to beat all of the bosses. If I have time these next few weeks, I might make a couple variations on this guy.

I like how both the bead and the flat side came out on this Perler creation. The dark browns and blacks always have issues with the flat fuse, but the smaller the piece, the fewer the issues. I will likely be making this into a fridge magnet.