Bowser and Donkey Kong Perler

Bowser and Donkey Kong Perler Bowser and Donkey Kong BeadspriteI really liked the Bowser sprite when I was checking some sprites forum, and right afterwards, I realized that I had yet to make a proper Donkey Kong. I love the iconic +++ of DK’s teeth, and the angry stomping pose. Bowser looks like’s he’s just told a joke, like a “amirte” pun.

I would love to see a proper game that re-introduces Donkey Kong as the villain, or a game where Bowser is the good guy.¬†I’ve made a video with the ironing process of both of these guys that I will release in the next week or so, as well as some other tutorials, including¬†making fridge magnets and keychains.


1 thought on “Bowser and Donkey Kong Perler

  1. Annett Ceder

    Bowser is really one of my best character, they really look as the do in Nitendo DS. Awesome job indeed. Donkey Kong Perler, well thats like the only challenge Bowser has when it comes to strength.


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