Batttletoads Beadsprites

battletoad-pimple-beadsprite battletoad-kick-beadsprite battletoad-surf-beadsprite battletoad-pimple-surprised-beadsprite Battletoads was both one of the best, and one of the most difficult games for the NES. The rocket scooter and rocket surfboard levels were the bane of many gamers existence in the early 90’s. The combat was solid, and varied, though, and different from everything else at the time. I wish they would have been able to do more with this IP besides the mostly lame SNES follow-ups.

I made this series of sprites to enter in a competition over at the /beadsprites subreddit and thought I would post it on here as well. I still might make some of the enemies from the game as well as other frames of combat animations; these were really fun to make.

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