“The Simpsons” Arcade Game Perlers

One of my favorite projects for HardcorePerler.com was the “Super Simpsons” from the game “The Simpsons Arcade Game”. I took another look at the sprite sheets I found online, and decided to make a new set to add to the collection. Marge and Homer doing their team attack. You little S.O.B.! If I ever find […]

Super Simpsons: Lisa

I always thought it funny that Lisa Simpson’s attacks with a jump rope did the same amount of damage as Marge swinging around a vacuum cleaner, Bart hitting wailing away with his skateboard, or Homer kicking and punching. For the record, I do know this is just a video game =) I’m not entirely happy […]

Super Homer from Simpsons Arcade

The Simpsons Arcade Game is widely one of the most popular beat’em ups of the early 90’s. The bowling alley by my house had the first one that I had ever played. Most kids today only know it from it’s re-release on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. I’ll be working on all of the “super” […]

Simpson’s Arcade: Bartman

I don’t think kids today realize what a big deal The Simspons was back in the 80’s. It was mandatory to own a Bart Simpson t-shirt. Even the poor kids had bootleg shirts. There was an album called “The Simpsons Sing the Blues” that had a hit song “Do the Bartman” that was played heavily […]

Super Marge Simpson

Marge was easily the least played character in the Simpsons arcade game (at least at my bowling alley). She only really got chosen if a 4 player game got going. That being said: Marge kicks ass, and as my girlfriend says, “she kinda looks sexy dressed up like that”. The beads in her hair over-melted […]