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Halloween Perler Pumpkins

happy-perler-pumpkinminecraft-perler-pumpkinsilly-perler-pumpkinfunny-perler-pumpkinangry-perler-pumpkinMikki and I made these tonight. I saw something like this somewhere on the internet, probably Pinterest or something like that. If I do this next year, I will do some cooler ones based of video games or something like that. (Although there is one of them based on the game Minecraft.

I think these are super cool, because we can have them for display in the house for a week before carving them. There were a few other eyes, fangs, ect not displayed, but I don’t think they really worked.

If you like these, and are looking for other Halloween ideas, go check out this really cool blog at . There is a whole section for Pumpkins, and even some links for other “no carve” pumpkins as well as costume ideas and recipes.

–Originally Published on: Oct 23, 2013 @ 6:46

Only 20 pieces left for the big Final Fantasy project.


This is at the bottom of the stairs in my home as I near completion of my Final Fantasy Monsters and Warriors project. in total, there are over 200 individual pieces of art from the game, and likely when I complete that, I will be adding NPC and other in game art like castles, and locations. Expect to see the whole wall (it goes all the way up the stairs) in the coming few weeks.

Regular posts of new Perlers coming soon.


I’ve been working on finishing up the final Fantasy Project, and I have about 2/3 of them up on the wall, and it shouldn’t be much longer. Between that project, my crazy Birthday Party, and the GameZoneRadio podcast, I haven’t been making anything else pageworthy.

I made the other hosts of the podcast, and made them key rings so Ken and Mitch could have one of their own. I think it kinda looks like a Devo album cover.

If you liked the audio from last post, check this one out, too. =)