Monthly Archives: April 2014

Sometimes, mistakes are a good thing.

messy-table-perler-mistakeThe sign of a busy Perler artist, is a messy kitchen table. I was making some Battletoads, and was taping the surprised toad beadsprite in a hurry and totally ripped his arms and legs off. I have since rebuilt him, but the pic just looks funny like he is in pain and shock. =)

Note the completely full 22k container of black beads. That is the 3rd time I have had to fill it since I started last July. I just got an $80 in to help finish the Final Fantasy stuff. The shark there is the Grey Shark from FF1.

Final Fantasy Rock Golem and Naga

stone_golem_perler stone_golem_beadsprite naga_perler naga_beadspriteHere are two more monsters from the Final Fantasy 1 bestiary: the Rock Golem and the Naga. I used the same construction paper background for the photos, and used an ideal place in the house to get natural sunlight, so it looks like I need to start taking more pictures this way, but it requires that I take them around 2pm with the window fully open.

Photography of my Perler art is one of the more frustrating parts of running this blog, but I think I have most of the kinks worked out without throwing a bunch of money at the solution.

Final Fantasy Zombie Dragon and Zombie Bull

zombull_perler zombull_beadsprite zombie_dragon_perler zombie_dragon_beadspriteI’m getting closer and closer to completing my Final Fantasy 1 beadsprites. I have finally come up with a way to display them, So I really need to get this done in the next few months so I can start work on some other projects.

Here are the Zombie Dragon and the Zombie Bull. The green in them isn’t a perfect match, but it was better than the toothpaste blue color that was a closer match, but too light in color. Back in the day when everyone had only a CRT 480i television, the colors tended to bleed into each other, and the brown and blue together looked green. I like the way both of these came out, and I only have 60 more to go, lol!