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Princess Peach (Marilyn Monroe Pose) Perler

princess-monroe-perler princess-monroe-beadsprite I found a variation of this sprite online, so I can’t take any credit for the design, but I wanted to make one to put near one of my air vents in the house. She came out looking more embarrassed than coy.

As I was fusing the princess, I was also ironing Pac-Man as well. As I was getting them ready for pictures, I thought it would be funny if I made it look like he was looking up her dress… What do you think? Funny, or tacky?pacman-peeking-princess

Pacman in Pacland

pacman-perler pacman-beadspriteThere was a time when Pac-Man was the most iconic videogame character in America. Some would argue that he still is. There was a breakfast cereal, boardgame with marbles for a plastic Pac-Man to “eat”. Also, the Pac-Family had a Saturday morning cartoon, and a platformer arcade game.

I made this version of Pacman without the goofy hat. If I make him again, I will put the hat back on. I might have fused a little too hot on this, but the flat side came out really good. It’s nearly impossible to keep the black beads from bleeding into the other colors. I think bead height differences might be part of it, or it might be that the black absorbs the heat better and liquefies.

Cookie Clicker Rainbow Grandma

cookie-clicker-rainbow-grandma(click here for close up)

After all these months, I have still been playing Cookie Clicker. I had just gotten to producing per second, and on Valentine’s Day, a new patch was released with cookie producing prisms, conversation heart cookies, and new achievements and stuffs.

This is the Rainbow Grandma. She joins the cast of other grandmas in that bake cookies for you. Apparently, she works the prisms that can “convert light itself into cookies”. This is by far the most colorful Perler creation I have made short of the Parrot.

You can see other Cookie Clicker pieces I have made here here here and here


Flappy Doge Perler

flappy_doge-perler-2 flappy_doge-perler The news stories about the Flappy Birds game being taken off the Google and iTunes stores. There are now phones on EBAY and Craigslist that are being sold for exorbitant amounts of money.

Now there are many clones on the appstores, and online versions of the game, too. Flappy Doge is one of my favorites, and it was too perfect to not make a Perler version of it. If you try the game out, I am not not responsible for any hair that you pull out, or replacement of your phone after you stomp on it repeatedly =)

Starbound “Glitch” Perler

Starbound-glitch-perlerI started playing Starbound last week, and I am hooked already! This Perler piece is of my main character whom I have simply named “Professor”. I might make a few more of him with some of the armor and clothes I have made, and maybe even with one of the cooler weapons, but this is his simple “waiting” stance.

Starbound lends itself really well to this kind of artform. I’m betting more of it will show up on the blog. What race, character, or monster should I make next?

Final Fantasy Bull

Bull-FinalFantasy Bull-FinalFantasy-1This is the Bull from Final Fantasy. In remakes of the game, it is called, more appropriately, a Minotaur. I think he has more of a pig face than a bull face, to be honest.

Things have changed up a little with my free time, so the posts may get a little sparse for a short while, but fear not, I’m not even close to giving this hobby up. Apologies in advance if it slows to 2-3 posts a week for a short while. =)

Final Fantasy Tyro

Tyro-FinalFantasy Tyro-FinalFantasy-1I like that they had some “non fantasy” type monsters in Final Fantasy. This clearly represents some variation on the Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. When I saw one of these for the first time in the game, I didn’t know what to think. Like every other creature, though, it went down after a few swipes of a sword, and a well placed LIT3 spell.

There is one more of these to make, and it’s a blue/light blue combo, so that should be a cool looking one, too.