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Super Mario 2 Beadsprites

super-mario-2-beadsprite super-mario-2-beadsprite-2I remember as a kid when I saw Super Mario Bros  2 for the first time. I didn’t believe it was actually real, and thought the kid who told me that he had it was lying. When he invited me over, my mind was blown. It seemed so new, so beautiful. The fact you could choose your character blew my mind. They haven’t had a proper Mario game since that you could choose your characters like you could in SMB2.

I am aware that Super Mario 2 was originally Doki Doki adventure in other parts of the world, and updated for American audiences, but enough of the characters and enemies have made it into the following games to make it a proper entry in the series. I gave the princess a golden crown instead of the color from the original sprite that was the same as the skin tone.

I originally made these for the Christmas Perler 2013 collection. I was going to  have them all holding xmas presents in their hands, but changed my mind and just fused them without so I could free up space on my workstation.

Final Fantasy Red Ankylo

final-fantasy-perler-red-ankylo final-fantasy-perler-red-ankylo2This is the Red Ankylo from Final Fantasy 1. Searches on the internet for Red Ankylo result in information about a medical disorder, but I think it’s safe to assume it is short for Ankylosaurus. I like the colors and the evil look in his eyes.

Over time, it seems like my flat sides are coming out better than my bead sides. I’m still ironing too hot, I think. I’m experimenting with better ways to take pictures, too. I’ve had a floor lamp and construction paper for few months now, and I should start using it on a more regular basis. I think I might try putting some of these on a scanner, and see how they look.

Final Fantasy Grey Naga

grey-naga grey-naga2There are a slew of Final Fantasy Perler pieces coming in the next few days. I’m starting to do more and more of the palette swaps, now, and closing in on my halfway point with all of the monsters. I had no idea when I started this project how many of these things I would be doing!

I got a little heavy on the heat down on the bottom left in the tail, and I had to get out the Goo Gone to clean up the masking tape that stuck in the nooks and crannies. Overall, it came out well. I’m gonna need a lot more of the off white color to finish up the next few that will need it. I’ll stretch what I have on hand out as far as it can go.

Super Mario Bowser Beadsprite

perler-super-mario-bowser perler-super-mario-bowser2I always thought that all of the Bowsers and the end of each level were kinda lame, but I like this guy because of the dopey grin that he has. This is one of the simple beadsprites to make, and it’s good to make easy stuff, too.

I think I might have gone a little heavy around the head area on the ironing. His teeth are over-melted, and it makes him look even goofier. He would be fun to make with a palette swap, too. A hot pink and purple would look great on him. I think I will have a hard border around the next ones to keep the lines sharper, though.

Glass Joe Punch-Out! Arcade

glass-joe-arcade-perler glass-joe-arcade-perler-b

I figured: First day of the year, make the biggest beadsprite you have made, yet. =) He is 63cm. or just over  two feet tall. It took every single board I had, and about 5 hours of work. I now have him displayed on my wall with a selection of other sprites.

This is Glass Joe from the arcade game “Punch-Out!”. His is the first, and easiest boxer you encounter in the game. You can almost always defeat him without any real strategy other than just smashing buttons and dodging a few times. There is something really satisfying about just beating the snot of someone, and Glass Joe is ready and willing to take a thrashing for a quarter.