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Final Fantasy Blue Dragon

BlueDragon-FinalFantasy BlueDragon-FinalFantasy-1Dragons definitely made a strong showing in FF1, and they were generally some of the tougher creatures you fought. I like the wings and color palette on this guy.

I posted a picture of my progress on the /r/beadsprites and /r/finalfantasy subreddits and got a ton of positive feedback on this project. Ultimately I am doing this for myself, but it feels really good to have an audience who can appreciate what I’m doing.

Thank you to everyone for the encouragement. =)

Final Fantasy Grey Worm Perler

GreyWorm-FinalFantasy-1 GreyWorm-FinalFantasyI’m realizing now that the Final Fantasy project is going to take longer than I anticipated. I ironed out 5 different pieces last night, and almost made one of the monsters that I made a few months back. I want to get this project done so I can start working on other bigger projects, so I hope to be nearly done in the next 3 months.

This piece is the Grey Worm. Looking at it again, I should have filled in the gap in the middle with black beads. The source sprites I am using aren’t perfect, and I will have to redo one of the bosses I made because it called for “empty spots” that should have been filled in with black as well. The colors on this remind me of a caramel apple kind of. =)

Fix-it-Felix gets a medal and a pie.

fix-it-felix-pie fix-it-felix-pie-2I had an hour to kill, and just wanted to make something random, so I found this sprite: Fix-it-Felix gets his rewards”. I do intend to make more of the Wreck-it-Ralph stuff; some of it really looks good in Perler Bead form.

This one would make a cute Christmas ornament for next year, holding a present. Maybe make him holding an easter egg if I decide to do more of the holiday themed stuff. I think maybe all 7 days before Valentine’s Day, I will make a series of love themed Perler creations and post them. Still got some more final fantasy stuff coming, too. I think I am at about halfway through, but speeding back up on production.

Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Fire

mario-luigi-wario-fireguy mario-luigi-wario-fireguy2I was in a weird mood, and wanted to make some smaller simple stuff, and I want to eventually make most of the elements from Donkey Kong. I figured it would be neat to make a Luigi colored Jumpman (Mario’s original name in Donkey Kong), and that led to making a Wario, too. =)

I’m thinking these would make good fridge magnets, or I might make more Donkey Kong beadsprites for a recreation of the level 1 for wall display. Maybe even a set of fridge magnets that can be arranged like the game. =)

Four more Final Fantasy Perlers

more-final-fantasy-perler more-final-fantasy-perler2I don’t want to totally pollute the blog with individual links of *all* of my Final Fantasy beadsprites individually. From clockwise is Evilman, Sea Snake, Image, and Catman. The Image got taped on the wrong side, and is mirrored, it should be facing back to the party. You would likely have not noticed this if I hadn’t told you, but, when the other palette swaps on that monster get made, they will be facing correctly.

I have more cool stuff coming up in the next few weeks, including possibly a giveaway if there is enough interest in the comments for one.

Also, I found out that my series on the masking tape method is the #1 search result for the search “Perler” in YouTube . That is a huge achievement for me, at the time of this posting the video has over 6000 views in it’s first five months, and it looks like I am going to hit my milestone of 10k views for a single video soon. =)

Palette Swap Final Fantasy Perler

palette-swap-perler palette-swap-perler2These are palette swap versions of Final Fantasy monsters I have created. Represented are Mad Pony, Frost Wolf, Green Ogre and a Sorcerer. I have to make 4-5 versions of the same thing with all of the variations if I want to make every single one.

Still testing with new places to take pictures of these at. I’m close to having a working station at my desk, but my other stuff tends to crowd in.

Perler Parrot from Super Pegboard.

parrot1 parrot2
A few months back, I picked up a few “Super Pegboards“. I don’t use them quite as much as I could, but they do come in handy. It’s nice to not have to link a bunch of boards together, and it makes it way easier to transport. The packaging for the super pegboard comes with a scale example of a Macaw Parrot (picture) you can make, so I stepped up to the challenge.

This is by far one of the more challenging pieces to make. The colors are many and complex in placement. It took me just over 2 hours. I think it would have been quicker, but I was trying out my new workstation setup on the desk, and the lighting isn’t the greatest.

Over on the Reddit Beadsprite forum a conversation started up about the “Parrot Green” Perler color that of course led to repeating lines from the classic Monty Python sketch, which was the inspiration I needed to give it a shot. I really like the way it came out.


Perler Tardis Fridge Magnet

tardis-perler-fridge perler-tardis-magnetI’m going to say it right now: I’m not the world’s biggest Dr. Who fan. I watched the first season of the “newer” ones, and enjoyed Eccleston, but after that when they were fighting evil robot Santas, I lost interest quick. On occasion when I’m in the mood, I’ll watch another episode on Netflix, sure…

I made this one for a friend who requested it like, a month ago, and now I am finally getting around to putting it online. I decided to have the flat ironed side for display on this one like i have a on the other two of these I made and given to friends at work (I work with nerds).