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Pac-Man Jr and Ms Pac-Man Jr with Santa hats.

ms-pac-jr-santa ms-pac-jr-santa-2 pac-jr-santa pac-jr-santa-2I decided breaking these two in to separate posts would be silly, and I Promise no more Pac-Man stuff for the holidays (Unless I make the Ghosts, too). I need to get a group picture with all four Pacs and some mistletoe.

I decided against putting lipstick on her, and just gave a pink hat.

Ms. Pac-Man Santa Hat

Ms-Pac-Man-Santa Ms-Pac-Man-Santa2Christmas wouldn’t be complete without Ms. Pac-Man to join in on the festivities. The blue eye completes it on this perler. The resolution wasn’t so good on the old monitors that arcade machines run on, and you couldn’t really tell that it was blue like that.

I’m thinking of putting something together where they kiss under the mistletoe.

Wanna buy this, and have it shipped to your house before December 20th? I will make it and ship out to anywhere in the lower 48 states U.S.A. for $5 she can be made as a fridge magnet,  or a Christmas Tree Ornament.

PacMan Santa Perler

pac-santa pac-santa-2’tis the season to eat, eat, eat! PacMan is everyone’s favorite consumer, and he is ready for Black Friday!

This is number 2 in the First Annual Holiday special. All of these will be original pieces made by me, some with original designs, and some Perler Classics. Where I can, I will credit, but this is the second original design. More of the Pac-Family will be up next.

Wanna buy this, and have it shipped to your house before December 20th? I will make it and ship out to anywhere in the lower 48 states U.S.A. For $5 he can be made as a fridge magnet, or a Christmas Tree Ornament.

Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo Perler

mr-hankey mr-hankey-2Nothing says Christmas like anthropomorphic feces wearing a winter hat and gloves. Mr Hankey was one of the best things about the first season of South Park. This episode was easily one of the most offensive Christmas Specials of all time, and I love it for that.

I couldn’t find a good example sprite online, so I had to make one of my own. I love the expression on his face, and his corn (not visible in the picture as I hold him). I was giddy the whole time I was building and ironing him out. I don’t take pictures of myself with my work often, but this was too funny to not.

Dino Run 2 Fan Art

dinos-2 dinos-3 dinos-4 dinos-5 dinos-6 dinos-7 dinos-8 dinos-9One of my favorite indie computer games is a little computer game called “Dino Run” It is a free to play in browser game. You can click here to play it. It’s a really cool concept of a small dinosaur that is running from certain doom when a large asteroid collides with the earth. There are several stages and if you get to the end of them all you can find a cave that allows you to avoid extinction. It’s kinda like Sonic the Hedgehog, but more hectic.

They sponsored a fan art contest, and I thought that this collection of dinos would be perfect for it. I wanted to get some cool outdoors pictures of them, or mount them on canvas, but I ran out of time, and decided to submit them as they are. I will update if I place in the contest.

Final Fantasy Wizard (Piscodemon)

wizard wizard2This beadsprite is the Wizard enemy from Final Fantasy. In later re-releases it is called the Piscodemon. I think the spelling “Pisco” is intended to be a reference to “Pisces” like fish, as it has an octopus face. These dudes were found in the Marsh Cave guarding the crown that you needed, and were fairly tough, and could knock you out quick. If you had a black mage with LIT2, they were dispatched in short order.

I liked the way this one turned out. The robes look good on it.

Super Mario Goomba (Kuribo’s) Shoe Christmas Beadsprite.

I’m working on having a whole set of perler ornaments to put onto the tree this year, this one had to be one of my favorites. They have to be small in size to not overpower the tree, but expressive enough to show the holiday spirit.

I will also be making 8-bit traditional bulbs, candy canes, gingerbread men and non directly videogame related stuff for the next month and a half, and once a day from thanksgiving until xmas morning a holiday related post.


Baby Head from Captain Commando.

baby_head_captain_commando-2 baby_head_captain_commandoOf all the Beat ’em Up games of the 90’s, Captain Commando was my favorite. It had a great mixture of baddies and bosses, tons of great weapons, and even cool vehicles to ride on.

The highlight of the game for me was the hero “Baby Head“. Baby Head is a super genius baby that designed a robot called the “Silverfist” to fight crime and save the world with. How could you not choose that character every single time.

I love the way it came out. I used clear beads for the 4th shade of grey needed to get his hand detail right, and almost every other color needed was available with standard Perler palette.

Final Fantasy Earth Elemental

earth2 earth1This beadsprite is an Earth Elemental from Final Fantasy. You would run into these guys in front of chests in the Cavern of Earth (appropriately).

I think I would have liked to have used a lighter shade of brown on this one to get a little closer to the source sprite, but overall, it came out well. I like all of the empty spaces between and the effect of being able to see whatever is in the background through it. This one will look really cool next to the palette swapped fire elemental that uses purple and reds.

Luigi and Yoshi go for a ride.

weegee2 weegee

I found this Luigi and Yoshi sprite on Spriter’s Resource and thought it would be fun to make. This is from the computer game Mario is Missing. I’ve been told that this game was horrible, it looks like the same people who made the really really bad 3DO games, but most likely it was licenced by a different company.

I love the expression on both of their faces and the goofy way that Yoshi looks like he is walking. Overall, this is one of my favorite beadsprites I have made in a few months, but the Hulk Hogan remains my top favorite