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Glow in the dark Zelda monsters

IMG_0029 IMG_0042 IMG_0040 IMG_0036 IMG_0038 IMG_0055 IMG_0051 IMG_0054 IMG_0053 IMG_0048Glow in the dark beads can be really fun. I figured the dungeon monsters would be a good candidate for some experimentation, and was not disappointed. Not all of the colors show up well while glowing, but the overall effect works.

I want to make something bigger with these as well as incorporating some of the neon beads and make a sweet piece for display under blacklight sometime soon.

Biggie Perler Bead Beadsprites.

biggie_beads_marioI was planning on making more of these for a Reddit competition, but have decided to go another direction with it, but thought these two would be worthy of a blog post here.

Biggie beads may not have a ton of variety of colors, but they are really fun to play with, and make huge creations with. I was considering doing a quadruple (4 beads for every sprite), on the star, but I didn’t have enough yellow to complete it.

Mtn Dew can is just for scale. =)


New set pieces for

set_pieces1 set_pieces2I am foraging forward with the new webcomic, and for the next month or so, I will give sneak peaks into the webcomic, in the majority of posts. Once I have most of my set pieces and protagonists done, I will get back to the more pop culture type designs.

Last night was the night to build the inkeeper, the item merchant, the bar, a barrel, and assorted drinks. I lifted the beer design off google images, but the martini and glass of milk are original designs. The open bag of gold was just a repurposed black piece from the pumpkin making.

I had a ton of fun making them, they will appear often to set the scene. I am, however starting to have an issue with lighting and photography. I need a proper solution for this soon as I want this to be a higher quality project long term… I’ll work out the kinks later.


Winds of Fate


I’m thinking I should be able to keep a schedule of 3 comics a week over at I downloaded some awesome software that gives me the quality output I am looking for, and I have a ton of ideas of the direction I am looking for it to go.

This is one of the scenes from today’s comic. I’ve made the majority of the beadsprites for the Warriors of Light, and will keep it up until I finish all of them. I ran out of the blue used in Black Mages robes, Thief’s hair, and Black Belt’s gi, so they won’t be able to make full appearances until they are done, but I can totally work around it.

I’m loving these projects. I get a little rush like I might genuinely be onto something good. =)


Fight Magic Drink Item Run ! is my new webcomic. There is a first webcomic now online.

It is totally in beta, and I need to work out a bunch of kinks in the photo and photo editing process, and format, and basically learn how to make a proper webcomic from the ground up. I mean, this is something I have wanted to do for ages, and I am going to get something really really cool over there.

Click Here to see the new webcomic!

Sped-up video of Cookie Clicker Cosmic Grandma with Perler beads.

I’ve seen a few different beadsprite build videos on YouTube, but not many where you get to see the entire process unfold from start to end. I made this video as a response to that.

I loved how it turned out. I wanted to have time to write a song for this, but I was running out of time, so I picked a few free songs to use from the YouTube library. I really like the songs and think they fit the video well. The first song, however, is mine. It is a work in progress that I still need to complete before I name.

Tell me what you think in the comments, and please give it a thumbs up on YouTube.


Getting a little behind in my fusing.

work-in-progressLast few days have been super busy. I have had time to put stuff together, tape it up, poke them holes, but not enough time to iron them out. I’m gonna be getting these done later tonight, and maybe even make some of my first few webcomics!

I have a new domain that I will talk about in a few posts, and am working on a whole new project with all of the characters, and most of the set pieces will be made with perler beads. I’m really looking forward to make this idea I have had in the last month into a reality. I don’t know how well the mixed media format of a webcomic, mixed with photography, mixed with a craft art, mixed with videogame culture, mixed with my sense of humor will work, but I intend to put my best foot forward.

Also, I have a time lapse video going on youtube later this week, a new tutorial in the works, and a few other surprises! Stay tuned!

Why you don’t just toss a Mtn Dew in the craft bag.


I was in a rush to get to work today, and just tossed a buncha boards, and the colors I needed for the day in my craft bag. In my haste, I didn’t want to have to bag things in a lunchbag, and just tossed a few sodas and some snacks in with it.

When I got out of the car, the soda must have popped on a board, because the hole in it was consistent with gauge of a peg on the board. It was a debacle; I had to empty the can out into the rocks, and bundle a half dozen pulls off the auto towel dispenser. It totally sucked. I was able to clean them enough to build with, but I had to wash them like dishes when I got home.

I just thought it was funny to have to wash things like this, and to have to stack them to dry on the crafts table. Also, to a certain extent, I look like some kind of crazy bead hoarder with all of the creations I make in a single day. (Fun fact: There is not a White Mage included in the second picture).

Cookie Clicker Grandma Perler

perler-grandma-cookie-clicker perler-grandma-cookie-clicker2I’m getting around to making some more of the beadsprites from the popular underground game “Cookie Clicker“. This Perler creation is the first grandma you hire to make cookies for you in the game. There are 9 others that I am working on completing soon, including the “Cosmic Grandma” which I will have a time elapse video of the creation of from beginning to end.

I like the knobbly knees, ¬†too high dress, and mature bosom; it adds to the comedy of it all. The color choices work well, and it looks good overall. I’m very pleased with this piece, and look forward to having all 10 lined up with the first Cookie Clicker beadsprite I did.