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Final Fantasy Bone

skeleton2 skeletonWhat would a RPG be without a skeleton? The undead certainly seem to be the core of most any fantasy based story; Final Fantasy 1 had a little bit of everything. NES did have the limitation with the amount of characters they could display, so I have a feeling this is why in the American version, the Skeleton was called a “Bone“.

I got my iron to work properly, again, but I still went a little hot. This monster like many others in FF1 is “crouching”. It’s interesting the way that the “smaller” monsters were created in order to fit more of them on the screen.

Final Fantasy Ogre

ogre2 ogreI think I have fought more of these guys than any other creature in the game. They are abundant in the forest above Elfenheim, easy to kill with the Black Mage’s FIR2 and and a second attack from another party member, and they give plenty of exp and gold.

I like the colors on this one. The pastel yellow really stands out, and gives the clothes definition. The head got a little too much heat, though, and there is a little bit of a “sunken holes” syndrome.

On another note, I just started playing Final Fantasy XIV. I am on the Malboro sever if you wanted to say “hello” there.


Simpson’s Arcade: Bartman


I don’t think kids today realize what a big deal The Simspons was back in the 80’s. It was mandatory to own a Bart Simpson t-shirt. Even the poor kids had bootleg shirts. There was an album called “The Simpsons Sing the Blues” that had a hit song “Do the Bartman” that was played heavily on the radio. I would watch the episodes every Thursday, and if we taped it on the VCR, watch it again. It seems so long ago, and it is hard to believe that the show is still on the air.

Anyhoo… Here is Bartman, completing the “Super” versions of the characters from the game. I need to come up  with a way to display these, but for right now, they are at my desk at work. I’m thinking I might make some more of the sprites from the game, and I might even make a “Super” Maggie.

Super Simpsons: Lisa

super-lisa2 super-lisaI always thought it funny that Lisa Simpson’s attacks with a jump rope did the same amount of damage as Marge swinging around a vacuum cleaner, Bart hitting wailing away with his skateboard, or Homer kicking and punching. For the record, I do know this is just a video game =)

I’m not entirely happy with my iron right now. The new one that I’ve purchased seems to be turning itself off before I am finished, so I have been using my first thrift store iron again. I’m shopping for a new one, but I hate the fact that I am going to be on my 3rd iron already; I feel like this should be a non-issue.

New tutorials now on YouTube!

I’ve finished my first set of tutorials using my masking tape method for beadsprites, and posted the HD videos on YouTube! You can see the videos in the links below. Enjoy and post in the comments here, and on YouTube.

  • Part 1 : Prep and taping

  • Part 2 : Poking, repair, and final inspection

  • Part 3 : Ironing

  • Part 4 : Cleanup and completion

Super Marge Simpson

super-marge2 super-margeMarge was easily the least played character in the Simpsons arcade game (at least at my bowling alley). She only really got chosen if a 4 player game got going. That being said: Marge kicks ass, and as my girlfriend says, “she kinda looks sexy dressed up like that”.

The beads in her hair over-melted a little, but, overall, I like the way this turned out, and she looks awesome with the other 3 Super Simpsons.


Hulk Hogan: WWF Superstars

hulk-hogan hulk-hogan2

I was a little Hulkamaniac as a kid in the 80’s. I religiously watched WWF every Saturday morning, and even got to go to Wreslemania II in Los Angeles. I had the clothes, and the toys, and everything.

There weren’t any official WWF games until 1989 in the form of WWF Superstars by Tecmo. They had this one at the bowling alley in my hometown, too. I remember playing quite a bit of this, and almost always choosing The Ultimate Warrior as my tag team partner. The computer always got cheap the further you progressed in the game, so I rarely was able to beat it.

I didn’t know what to expect when I assembled this with the Perler beads, but I must admit, this is now my favorite of all the creations I have so far. I plan on making some of the other wrestlers, and possibly more of Hulk Hogan in different poses.

Super Homer from Simpsons Arcade

super-homer2super-homerThe Simpsons Arcade Game is widely one of the most popular beat’em ups of the early 90’s. The bowling alley by my house had the first one that I had ever played. Most kids today only know it from it’s re-release on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

I’ll be working on all of the “super” versions of the characters for this game and posting soon.

Nyancat nameplate for my daughter

nyancat-nameplate nyancat-nameplate2This is one of my earlier big pieces. I had seen tons of Nyancats made from Perler beads out there already, but nothing with the rainbow extended out so far. I used MS Paint to design the text in the logo to fit evenly in the space (which took me way longer than it should have)

I saw someone else that was selling their creations at a con with a loop built into the top to allow a clip-on badge to loop through, so I lifted that idea and extended it to a clear Perler border to make sure the design was squarely even inside.

My daughter loves it, and has it proudly hanging in her room. I have plans to make one for my son as well. We might go with one inspired by the characters from “The Regular Show”


Final Fantasy Nightmare


nightmareMy daughter was super excited that I made a unicorn. I explained that it was a Nightmare from Final Fantasy. So long as it was still a unicorn, she was impressed. =)

I like that my ironing is improving. The lines are clean, and there are very few spots where there are still visible holes. The masking tape method is working out really well for me. One of the hidden benefits of taping your creations is that you can free up the pegboards to make the next thing, and do all of the ironing at once.

After this piece, I took a brief break from Final Fantasy stuff to make beadsprites from other games. Next few days will have some cool stuff coming up!