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Example of what can happen if you don’t poke holes

butthead-torso-fail butthead-legs-failEven after practicing with the masking tape method, and failing with my Excitebike test first, I still thought it would be okay to iron this Butthead anyways. I should have known it wouldn’t work; I just assumed that I didn’t iron it right.

When I got about 2/3 of the way through, I decided that something needed to change.

The reason that these holes wouldn’t close is because the air was getting trapped inside the beads because the masking tape was creating a seal, resulting in an air bubble inside.


Final Fantasy Coctrice

cocktrice cocktrice1This is the Coctrice from Final Fantasy. I always hated these things, mostly because they can cast petrify on your party, and turn you to stone.

I experimented with some new methods of ironing and building the beads. I actually put the beads in-between the pegs, and not directly on the pegs. The beads don’t have as much room to move, and as a result, the lines end up cleaner. There is very little offset, and only the borders are misaligned, as using the masking tape method can let the edges slip a little.

This is also the first piece that I poked holes in the masking tape to let the beads “breathe” while ironing. I love the result on this, but it took about 3 times longer than it should have. The time it takes to complete will be reduced with practice.

Final Fantasy Creep

creep2 creepI’ve been working on some new ironing methods that have really improved the quality of my work. This fuse came out really nice. The lined are clean, there’s no smudging, and only the black bordering areas aren’t fully sealed.

One rogue fuchsia bead did make it’s way into the mix, though. It is damn near impossible to discern the difference between the two of them without a really good light source, and a solid background  color. Click here for a link to what the two colors look like mixed together. I swear those are two different colors… But, I digress.

The Creep is one of the first creatures in the game that poses a serious threat, and can dish out some serious damage. If you run into one at levels 1 or 2, you might have to use a few spells to defeat it, otherwise you’re gonna have to go back and heal. Later in the game, you just massacre 6 of them with one fir2 spell. Fun stuff.


Final Fantasy Caribe

caribe2 caribeThe Caribe was one of the creatures you would run into a bunch when you first got the anoe in Final Fantasy. The canoe is such a short lived item; basically, you only used it to get to the area that you got the Float Stone that unlocked the airship.

This was one of the first times I tried the masking tape method for ironing, so I chose one of the simpler and smaller monsters to make. I way overdid the fuse on this one. It is excessively melted on the mid-tail area, and the masking tape wouldn’t come off right. Some Goo Gone took care of that, though. I learned a ton from making these mistakes, I’m glad I decided to switch it up.

WarMech re-built and completed

warmech warmech2


The morning after I dropped this on the floor, I decided that I would re-build it. I was short about 15 Perler beads after gathering everything I could find. I had about a third of it still on the board, which helped speed up the process, but after completing, I wish I would have just re-built it. There are few of the pixels out of place. It’s not super noticeable to someone who isn’t looking at the original.

I tried a new method with fusing bigger Perler creations. I fused most of it, and took it off the board to lay flat on the table before smoothing it out. The parchment paper does stick to the beads when you are doing a flat fuse like I do, and because the Polyethylene is so heated, there is the potential for it to “shift” because it is in a near liquid state. You can see a the shift particularly in the area of the “eye”.

I still like this one a lot, though. I have learned some really important lessons, and I definitely feel that I have “leveled up”, now. I sill have 140 plus of these Final Fantasy beasts to make, and I am glad that this one is out of the way. =)